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Street side cafés it is worth stopping for

Gambar sisip 1After a long day of courier transport loads there is nothing more satisfying than a warm beer and a slice of homemade cake. Those of you within easy reach of the House may be prepared to wait for such treatment. However, someone who has simply to satisfy their wish would pay a visit to one of these street-side cafes.

The furnace Chamber

Hidden in the minor Scottish County of Inverness shire is this gem of a café. The family who run the place will give you a pleasant welcome and ensure that your stop is pleasant. After a bowl of homemade soup or a sandwich healthier will be able to hit the road with renewed vigor.

The watermill

If you run out of books to read between loads courier delivery so it's worth stopping in this cum coffee shop book store. You will find a fantastic array of fiction and travel books on the shelves. And when you have filed for a text or two it might be tempting to buy a cup of Fairtrade coffee and a chocolate brownie. Then you can sit back and relax watching through the countryside of Perthshire.

Laundry Court Coffee House

If you are in advance on a drive along the A696, you might like to stay in this cosy coffee shop. After ensuring that your courier loadsare fully insured you may like to take a seat by the fireplace crackling. Alternatively you can sit on the terrace and indulge in some broccoli and Stilton quiche. The delicious taste of home grown vegetables will stay with you the journey along the roads in Northumberland.

Route 46

This Cafe is a popular destination among drivers who regularly for transporting heavy loads. There is ample space for parking of trucks and vans out and once you walk through the doors you will be greeted by the welcome smell of prepared fish and chips. You may be interested to hear that this coffee is a very short distance the pretty town of Evesham.


Fans of Rodney and Del Boy will recognize immediately this cafe Bristol as one of the settings for Only Fools and Horses. You can also remember a couple scenes amusing loading cargo courier in their van in the parking Bay. After telling these memories like step in for a traditional breakfast or soothing hot chocolate.

Gwalia Tearooms

If you fancy a tasty teacake Welsh, then this is the place to visit. For treatment in the desert you could try the Welsh cake with Bethesda butter or coffee and Walnut cake. It may be some time before you can find the will to strike again in the streets of Cardiff!


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